Saturday, March 28, 2009

Then there were 2 or were there?????

So after a weekend of goodbyes and a doctor’s visit for me Monday March 23rd rolled around and it was time to say goodbye to my parents. The departure was bitter sweet. Of course it was sad to say goodbye and have them leave me for who knows how long, but on the other hand it was going to be nice to get into a “normal” routine of being a wife and a mom.

We decided to have Elli stay where she was for a short while longer because Bariki and I had one last short trip to Kenya to do before he went back to work. The first night my parents left Bariki did not sleep all night. He paced the house, drank hot chocolate making a total mess of the kitchen, and disturbed me more than once hoping someone else could share in his insomnia. The next he was not feeling well and apparently hadn’t been in a while but thought he was just tired, so he went to the Doctor.
The reason for the heading of this section of the blog was our long awaited time just the two of us ended up being the newlyweds and the two amoebas. So after 3 days straight of sleep for Bariki and 2 days for me because I was diagnosed 2 days earlier our time as a happy no worries couple was coming to an end. We had to make a trip to Arusha.

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