Friday, March 20, 2009

No chips, no chapatti, no rice......

My Kenyan family loves cheeseburgers, especially my dad Pastor John. So we decided to take them to the Marangu Hotel for supper that night. We had heard that they had the best cheeseburgers in the area. So off we went for cheeseburgers and chips. When we arrived it was just after 6, like just after 6 and we read on the menu that cheeseburgers and chips were served till 6. So we asked if it was still possible to order them. The answer was yes and that is exactly what we did. About a half hour later the waiter came back and told us the storage room was locked and the man with the key had gone home. So we could still have cheeseburgers we just had to pick rice or chapatti to go with it. Once we had all decided what we wanted we told him. He came back and sadly said there was not enough rice. “Fine” I said getting a tad annoyed now, “we will all have chapatti”. “Actually, we don’t have chapatti either.”

The short of the long of the story is my husband ended up going to town to buy chips and bring them back to a restaurant in a hotel to eat them with the cheeseburgers. In the end there were no chips to be found because where he went had no charcoal for cooking. This gong show ended with cheeseburgers from the Marangu hotel and fried bananas from a totally different place.

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