Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More of the honeymoon....

As I was looking through pictures to place on the blog I realized that I had not told you anything about the actual Safari except the crappy stuff. So here it is, it was really good. Lake Manyara was awesome minus the sunburn. We saw giraffe and elephants, hippos and zebras. We even saw warthogs and a whole lot of my personal favourite (if you were with me you could hear the sarcasm) baboons. It was a great first day.

Our second day was in Ngorongoro crater. The drive into the crater was beautiful and for the first time I saw two big male lions down in the crater. It was as though they were just waiting for us. At lunch my dad unpacked his lunchbox and suddenly without really even knowing why his egg was on the ground. Out of the corner of my eye I had caught the action. It was a bird that looked comparatively like a hawk back home. So I thought this was funny and I picked up the egg to tell the story. I got half a sentence in and the egg was gone. When I held it to tell the story the bird came in and grabbed it right out of my hand. I screamed like a school girl and ran into the vehicle. Ya ya, not at all my bravest moment. The crater was great to because it was baby season. So it was filled with zebra babies, wildebeest babies and babies of every kind. They were so cute.

Lastly we went to Tarengire National Park, the land of the elephants. Once again it was an awesome experience. We drove through a herd of maybe 30 or 40 or even more elephants, babies and all. It was spectacular.

So that is the experience on Safari aside from not feeling well it was great. Experiencing safari with my mom for the first time made it so special. Watching Eric enjoy it when he was not sure he would always made me smile. Amber loved it and my dad always does, but mostly experiencing it for the first time with my husband made it beautiful.

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