Friday, March 20, 2009


Is it actually a honeymoon if you spend it with your parents, another couple, a broken toe, a bladder infection and a sun burn so bad your husband has to sleep in a totally different bed so he can’t touch you? Ummm, I hope not.

Safari was wonderful. We saw some really amazing things. But the first night was a night from a place I never want to visit again. You see the night of the wedding we stayed at a place called the Banana Jungle Lodge. It was awesome. The food was great the rooms were these individual traditional Chugga huts with a great big bed. It was fabulous. So the lady told us they had another lodge overlooking Lake Manyara which happened to be our first stop on our “honeymoon”. They said they would give it to us at the same price which was a really good deal for us. So we agreed and the arrangements were made.

The day at Manyara was great and we were all looking forward to a shower and a comfortable stay at a beautiful place. On the way we realize that I really burned my back on Safari that day, so I was really looking forward to it. When we arrived we looked at a single dwelling with one bathroom and three rooms. The power was out to the cabins which were nothing like what we had stayed at previously but we could move into them once the power was on. Oh but after 6 we could not move between the buildings because of the animals around, specifically lions. Or we could all opt to stay together in the one main house, which is what we ended up doing. I showered first due to a sunburn and buy the time the last person showered it was merely a drop or two of water.

Off to bed we all went, Amber and Eric to the hottest loft they had ever stepped foot in, Bariki and I to the same room but separate beds and mom and dad to their room which they shared with some very large insects, one of which was under my dad’s covers. I was so uncomfortable I went to have a shower in the middle of the night with not a drop of water, not even enough to flush the toilet. So my new husband who could not come near me went and got a cold glass bottle of coke out of the fridge and placed it on my burn.

In the morning we watched the sunrise over Lake Manyara totally forgetting the hell we went through that night and might I add totally worth the cost of admission. Or was it? When we went to pay the bill they had charged us double, charged us for things we did not drink and even after I asked them to lower the price (you can do that here) because of how uncomfortable we were, they refused. And off we went for day two. In the end the old grandma came to her senses and said she would return some of the money. It is 2 weeks later and that is yet to happen. I will keep you updated.

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  1. So did you hang up a specific gift that was given to you while you were still in Canada?!?