Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some of the gifts......

Sometimes I forget where I am then something totally funny happens and I remember I am definitely not in Canada anymore. Remember now that whoever gave us gifts had to do it through dancing towards us and then they were able to shake our hands. So it was time to open the gifts and we decided to open the cards first. There were a lot of cards and envelopes. 2 of the cards were not written in, so that is awesome I get to reuse them. 3 or 4 of the envelopes were empty, which just made me laugh. Plus we got an I Owe You for a goat from one of his uncles. And that was just for the cards and envelopes :)

After that we decided to open the wrapped gifts. Bariki’s friends bought him a pair of shoes and someone else got him a shirt. I thought it was so funny how the wedding gifts were almost more like birthday gifts. Till I got a pair of shoes to and that made me happy and not feeling so left out. It was almost as thought the people I invited got gifts for me and the people that Bariki invited got gifts for him. Not all gifts of course, we did get the traditional unmatching bowl set, some mugs and even glasses. We got a rope which indicated a cow. We also got a juicer which I am excited to use. Then our final gift which we took a picture of us opening was the greenest roll of toilet paper that I have ever seen in my life. That was our gifts a cow, a roll of toilet paper and everything in between.

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