Friday, March 20, 2009

The big day before the big day...

I had been picturing this day for months, a day to finish a few, very few, final details, a rehearsal then a quiet dinner and an evening with my mom, Amber, and my matron of honour Neema. Man was I wrong.

So after a day of organizing rides for everyone I love to get here to the wedding I went to get my nails done for the wedding. It was not as relaxing as I would have hoped. I also would have hoped that it would have not taken so long but almost three people later and over three hours I left to go back to the house not knowing if anything was getting done here. Now the organization of people being picked up, buying shoes, fitting dresses and pulling out hair the day continued on.

4 o’clock rolls around and we head to the church for a rehearsal, which by the way is totally unheard of here. The Pastor said they just expect everyone to know what to do. She finished though with she would be happy to do one for us because she wanted me to feel as comfortable as possible. I was really grateful.

Now back to the house to prepare a tiny meal for my parents and friends maybe 8 people. As I realize that the size of my quiet dinner is growing and I am frustrated because neither the best man of the matron of honour made it to the rehearsal I scurry around the house to get things ready. While all the while being followed around by a video camera recording my every outside thought for sending people to get things in town and at the market. Then it happens. I smash my toe on the corner of the wall and start to cuss. Eric comes out thinking this might be a good thing to get on tape and decides me stubbing my toe was not worth turning the camera on for. Till a few minutes later when I realize I had not just stubbed my toe but I had actually broke it. Who does that?

On top of everything else my quiet evening turned out to be a huge dinner party where 20 people show up at my house. This is crazy. So I am trying to serve drinks, cook my part of supper (the meat I ordered from the hotel Bariki works at), host people, try not to freak out because I’m actually getting married tomorrow and do this all with a really broken toe. One woman said, “What are you doing? It is tradition that you stay with someone for a week before the wedding so nothing like this (broken toe) happens.” So I replied, “If I had stayed with you would you have gone to the bathroom for me to because that is when I smashed my toe?” I thought I was being smart till she asked me if I was wearing in door slippers (flip-flops) when this happened. Then I sheepishly replied no. Needless to say the rest of the hosting, cooking etc was done for me I was not allowed anywhere near the kitchen. Which was nice but I stilled had 20 people scattered throughout my house.

Finally it was time to sit with the girls and laugh and chat. Or on the other hand it was finally time to go to bed. I’m getting married tomorrow you know.

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