Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And then there were 4 or were there......

My world exploded the day my parents and Amber and Eric arrived. I went instantly from one person in my house to 5. That was an adjustment but I enjoyed having people around to talk with and laugh with and play cards with and to talk me down when I was stressed about the wedding. So after Safari Amber and Eric were going to be with us 3 more days then travel standby to Portugal to finish out their vacation. So Sunday the 8th of March we packed up their stuff and headed for a day in Moshi and then to the Airport to drop them off. We said our tearful goodbyes and prayed that they made it on the flight.

Amber kept asking the lady if the flight was full and if she figured they would get on it or not and after 2 hours, some rudeness and a lot of text messaging it was final. They would not be leaving that day and they were heading back to Marangu for another night with us. They had found out in their previous night of hell that there were 64 empty seats for Monday but that they were overbooked by 9 seats for Sunday night. So when they arrived the taxi driver (which you negotiate price with here) upped the price by 10,000 shillings which I refused to pay and they were off to bed once again in my house.

The next morning we were more confident that they would get on the flight and we arranged a ride for them to the airport. One last day in Moshi and they were finally off to Portugal. SO now there were 4.

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