Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Entry In To Africa

I got at least some sleep on the second leg of the journey. It is easier on a plane that is over half empty and you are able best you can to stretch out over two seats. As we make our final approach into Nairobi Kenya at six in the morning I look out over the African plains and sit in wonder over the endless horizon. Then it comes, the sun peaks over the horizon in all of its glory. I take a deep breath in and think to myself, I am home.

In all me exhaustion I head for customs and they simply flag me through. On the other side of that glass door was Bariki. I had not forgotten his smile but I tell you I sure did miss it. It was wonderful to be hugged by my fiancé after 7 months (which by the way felt like an eternity).

My first day or so I thought was going to consist of a shower, a sleep and some food. No company, no pressure of having every moment of my day figured out (a program) and definitely no leaving the Hotel. None of which worked out to well for me. After about a half an hour with my feet on solid ground Bariki’s brother in-law called and wanted to speak to me. After asking how my journey was he asked me what my program was for the day. I explained nothing and that was the way I wanted it. In hind sight he was probably just preparing me for what was coming that day. After sleeping a while Neema (Bariki’s sister and my maid of honour) came to see me. That was nice I really love her. Then she said that her husbands sister in-law was dying to meet me and was arranging supper for me. Alright, why not I had nothing else planned. After greeting me with much joy and excitement the questions began to come. What colours had I decided for the wedding? How many people would stand up with us? What was I going to do with my nails because when I put my hand out to get the wedding band put on EVERYONE will be looking at my nails? Actually I really liked her as well. I was very surprised that someone who had never met me or even Bariki before could be this enthusiastic about our wedding. It gave Bariki and me a lot to think about and made me so tired I could have fallen asleep at her table, didn’t help me sleep though when I got back to the Hotel. Day two in Nairobi reminded me why I dislike Nairobi so much. So many people, most staring at me as they walk past, thousands of vehicles, pollution and of course a balmy 28 degrees Celsius at 7 in the morning in the heart of this concrete jungle. But on the plus side of things my Kenyan mom and dad came from the village to talk about the wedding and have lunch with me, Bariki and Neema, whose goal for the day was to help me pick colours. What a day and mission accomplished with the colours. For those of you who don’t know ne well this may not seem strange, for those of you who do just know me, it’s a long story. The colours are pink and purple.

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