Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The definite departure and the indefinite return...

The last few days seemed to go by so quickly that they felt as though they went by in a flash. I have felt every emotion possible over the last few days and very sleepless nights. I just kept saying, “I just need to get on the plane then I’m sure that I will take a deep breath and just fall asleep.” I did breath but sleep was not part of the equation.
Sitting and trying to decide what to pack was interesting enough. I kept saying, “How do you pack for an indefinite return?” Then the packing was done and I began to take inventory of everything I never got done. The list was long. I said on the way to the airport that “I don’t know what was longer, the list of things left undone or the list of people who in the last 24 hours before I left said they did not want me to go.” A quick thought on how my morning went. As I arrive at the Edmonton International Airport I realize I do not have locks for my bags. No problem, send Patti to buy two locks. $13.00 later she hands me the locks and I decide not to lock them until we weigh them in case I have to move stuff around. So I put them in my pocket and weighed the bags. I was allowed 50 lbs one was 49 and the other was 47.5. I was so relieved I threw them on the track to be taken away and not seen again till Nairobi. As I sit in Harvey’s talking with everyone that came to see me off I reach in my pockets and what do I find but two locks. Man I guess today is how much money can I throw away day. You will see how much more I threw away as you keep reading. Not my day.
Now as I write this sitting in Heathrow airport in London UK (in my 5th hour of a 10 hour layover), none of the things left undone matter. Except the tornado mess I left as I ripped around the house yesterday trying to get last things together. That I feel bad about (Sorry Mom and Dad, remember I was praying for my flight to be delayed. I love you). Side note I have heard the security message about not taking other peoples luggage so many times in the last 5 hours that I could make the announcement accent and all. Oh and I just spent $19.00 US on the worst cheese burger I have ever tasted in my life. Needless to say I pretty much gave the restaurant $19.00 just for letting me sit there for a half an hour.
Now I am left with time to think about the future, to look forward to see the great man that is waiting at the other end of this very long trip, my fiancĂ© Bariki Lyimo, who I have not seen since July 2008. I have time to ponder the fact that as soon as I arrive in Africa my life will totally change. That will be my home, I will be the mom of the most beautiful 13 year old girl in all of Africa, and I will cook over a fire. A wedding will come in February and I continue to search out God’s plan in all this. I know that He has lead me to this place or I would not be sitting here right now and that He is with me I just know that there is something more to this. I look forward to finding out what it is because I know that as I seek His will I am going to find His heart.

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