Sunday, February 1, 2009

My days are long....

Pretty much since I have arrived here in Marangu Bariki has been working from 6 am to 10pm every day. This has made for some really long boring days. I spend some time at my house and some time at the hotel. I really need to find something to do with my time. It will be easier after the wedding but for now it is brutal.

Mama Stella never ceases to amaze me. She was telling me a little about her life the other day. She explained that she was married to a British man for a while during which time she say more of Europe then I will ever see. Unfortunately he died when she was very young. As I listened to her I was simply taken by the way she talked and then came the comment that caused me to almost fall over. She began to explain to me that men from Tanga make good lovers but Chugga men do not. I was so shocked that in a culture where you cannot even use the word sex this little woman was teaching me about the birds and the bees. I laughed harder then I have laughed in a while.

Yesterday Bariki and I went to Moshi and met with the Bishop. The plans from his end for the wedding are going well. Everyone is getting more and more excited, including us. We wish the wedding was tomorrow. It was very hot in town, maybe +40. It is not that hot up here on the mountain and we have been getting some rain which really helps with the heat and the temperature. The rain is welcomed by all.

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