Monday, February 9, 2009

House of sticks...

It may sound funny but the weather here is changing rapidly. The rainy season is usually March, April and May. The rains have already come. We get rain once a day usually at night but not always. The rains are accompanied by really high winds. The other day as I lay in bed listening to the wind howl I was reminded of the story of the three little pigs. In the story as everyone knows they built a house of straw, then of sticks, then finally of bricks. As the wind howled I thought man am I ever glad that I live in a house of brick... Because my version of the story would be like this, first they built a house of sticks. Then they built a house of straw and sticks stuck together with mud, manure and finally sealed with cow urine. Then last but not least you would have the house made of concrete. No lie you can see the pictures that I am going to try to add.

Yesterday we went to Moshi on the hunt for dress shoes for Bariki to wear with his suit. Wow I never knew how picky he was till that day. He is so excited about the wedding that he wants everything to be perfect. Which I think is really great. So we reach Moshi about 9:45 am and start walking around from shoe store (if you can call them that) to shoe store. Now please keep in mind that by this time it is already +28 at least. So off we go into the heart of a concrete jungle on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. We went to at least ten places which by the way all carry the same shoes. Finally we found one he liked. But unfortunately they did not have his size. So we went back to some of the ten shops. So now we found another one he liked they did not have his size. So as you can imagine we went back to some of the same shops. In between all this we went into a BATA that’s right a BATA just like back home. We found a pair that fit, a pair that was cheaper than the rest and we nice. He didn’t like them as much so outside again in what is now +38 to one more shoe store. Okay maybe two where he again could not find his size in the shoe he really liked. So as the day came to an end 6 hours later we went back to BATA for our final stop and there we purchased wedding shoes for my very picky husband to be for the cost or 59,500 TSH (Tanzanian Shillings) which is about $45 USD. It was cute and I appreciate his enthusiasm for wanting everything just right. Things that I got from the day were exercise, a sun burn and the realization that my husband is more excited about this wedding then the rest of the world put together. All in all it was a really great day.

P.S. I took all of 3 minutes to pick my shoes... Those that know me well will appreciate the picture.

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