Thursday, July 1, 2010

WOW it has been to long and so much has happened in the last 15 months. I am sorry to all of you who followed my blog and enjoyed reading it. I am here again in Africa and it is still an adventure. Everyday in fact is a new adventure. Where do I begin when you haven't heard anything in so long.

I will start here. The reason I stopped blogging last year was we had a home invasion and my computer was stolen. Everyone had told me how much they enjoyed the blog and how they thought it was so funny. After that I wasn't sure if I would laugh again let alone make anyone laugh again. But God heals and it has been a process and a half and the process is still going on.

After the robbery we were able to come to Canada for a visit. It was nice having Bariki there to see the world that I come from. To experience so many things for the first time. The time there was also a challenge as we both tried to cope with what we had gone through in our own different ways. But we managed okay and made the best of our time there. In fact my family even helped me arrange a wedding there. It was wonderful. We laughed, ate such wonderful food, laughed and danced till I could not stand anymore.

Then he left. He went home July 14th 2009 and I was not able to see him again till February 25th 2010. People ask the question how is married life? I would answer great, we never argue, we always say beautiful things to each other. But I would like it better if we were in the same country.

And now it is Canada day 2010. Big shout out to all my felow Canadaians. Have fun tonight but play safe. I am sitting in an internet cafe in Moshi Tanzania trying to figure out what is important to tell you all and what insn't. We spent a month in Kenya where we learned to wait on immigration, to hate chicken and chips after eating them everyday and to go out in the rain just to see the women wear shower caps on the streets to protect their hair form the moisture.

So I will blog again soon and till then I will keep my eyes open for the little things that make me laugh.


  1. yay! you are back blogging! i am so glad to be able to follow you on your journey. thank you for you honest view, your humor and encouragement. its a blessing to me. i love you friend and will be praying for you and yours! miss you. xo lindsey barnes

  2. Hey Jen!
    I'm glad your back on the blogging train!! :):)
    My heart goes out to you. I remember being stranded in Ukraine at this point exactly two years ago. It was Canada day and the only thing I longed for was to be on Canadian soil!!! We are thinking of you and praying for your quick return!
    All our love,
    Tara, Terry and Emma <3