Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jen vrs the lizard!

Last night for some reason it was lizard central in our room. I am not usually bothered by having one there because they eat the mosquitoes that can give me malaria. Three on the other hand was a bit much. One disappeared and we are not sure where it went. One Bariki got outside and one was left for me. I called him George, he was so smart that I felt like I was having a battle of whits against this lizard and losing.

At one end of our room is a window with curtains on it and that is Georges favorite place to hide. So as we laid on the bed I waited quietly for my opportunity to remove George for the night. Out from behind the curtain he would pop his little head. George received his education first hand not learning from his little reptilian friends. You see He has 3 and a half legs and a stub tail. These war wounds have trained him to be smarter then the average lizard. So as soon as I saw his head and his 2 front legs I jumped out of bed. He was like lightening as he turned tail well stub and hid again around the window.

So I laid back down and waited. Eventually out popped his head again and all I did was push my feet against the mattress and he was gone again. This I found fascinating and frankly very entertaining so I tried this three or four more times. Every time stating how smart George was.

But now it was time to up my game. So I got up and sat on the edge of the bed waiting. Out George came and I jumped up once again and once again like lightening he was gone. So I went over to the window to look for him. really where could he have gone. But he was like a magician, he was no where to be found. So I got a spoon and tried to run it all along the edges of the window slidy parts. But it was all done in vain.

So I waited again thinking if I was standing then I would be fast enough to knock him off the wall with the spoon and direct him outside. As we laughed I turned to Bariki to see if he was as entertains as I was. As my back was turned George came out of hiding again to eat a nearby fruit fly. Never going far enough away from his hiding spot to get caught by me. At this point I just started laughing. Thinking maybe I should just leave him alone for the night. But come on I was not going to be out smarted by this lizard. So again I opened all the curtains to look for his hiding spot. This time I used a flash light thinking it would scare him enough to come out. Spoon, flashlight and a laughing girl, not enough to catch George.

Anyway after about a half hour of laughter, feeling totally dumb against George and tired of looking for him I gave up. Decided that I would let him stay another night eating mosquitoes for me. It had nothing to do with the battle of whits that had just taken place. The one of which I apparently came unarmed and badly lost. It was out of the kindness of my heart that I ALLOWED George to stay in for the night. And I am pretty sure I will ALLOW him to stay tonight as well.

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